Development of online stores
and web pages

Do you plan a re-design project, start up a new online store, website or do you need to develop something completely new and different? Let us assist you in the process. We take on several different projects on both small and large scale. No matter what, it's going to be good!

We prefer WordPress and WooCommerce

That's our preferred choice when it comes to development. WordPress is an open source platform that provides great opportunities. We also accept requests on other platforms if applicable.

Project development

Not sure what to choose, which platform and necessary applications or services? There is no danger, we can assist with project development from the start. Here we can take on everything from page building, sections, adaptations and projects of all different scales.

Performance improvement and coding

Do you find that the site is starting to seem slow, or that responsiveness is not optimal? We can help with this, get in touch to get an assessment of the website so that we can estimate time spent and what needs to be done. If you're going to encode something completely new on the page, we'll accept special requests too!

Migration and opportunities

We work on very different projects and if you need to migrate pages or move pages into new editors, we can take care of the case.


We can offer online stores in several different sizes, including SEO work and products implemented. We also have perfect packages for start-ups.


Want One Page, the Standard 5 page presentation page, or more in WordPress? Then the case is clear, we offer great prices and quality!

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