About us

We combine curiosity
with a large drive to succeed

We never stop

If any client has a need we do not offer, we'll eiter refer them to our partners, or develop our own expertise to meet their needs!

We're taking it step by step.

We'll do it all by the clients pace.. We love to teach our clients how we work and how they can run the website in the future.

We create exceptional marketing for you | BBMarketing.no
We're curious.

The digital world is accelerating faster, with every passing day. Therefore, it will be smart to have us in your back pocket, which keeps us updated so you can do what you're good at!

We keep it simple

Simple pricing suggestions, Simple progress plans and simple reports. We know that our clients have more than enough to do on and want to make it as easy as possible!

Why choose us?

You've come to one of the most up and coming agencies in Norway, and we'd like to work with you!