SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We take you and your business to new heights with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to become part of the results on Google. We work actively and manually with every project - That's what creates results!

Do you want results?

Then we can help you reach the top of Google which in turn provides increased traffic and more possible conversions.

A long-lasting effect

We are working on ongoing monthly agreements that produce results, and that is to create a good and long-lasting effect. SEO is time-consuming work and one must have patience to see more results. Some come faster than others.

A Norwegian agency in Bergen with international connections

We work with a focus on being accessible to everyone, this also applies within SEO. There are no limits here and we have partner agreements that practice SEO in multiple languages.

How do we and our partners work with SEO?

We manually work with search engine optimization so that behind every word, there is a thought and a few fingers that control the keys. We take the lead ourselves and leave no SEO for the vagaries.

Manual work with search engine optimization

What is the difference between manual and automatic SEO? In other words, several automatic programs control on with backlinks and word suggestions or scripts that run out sentences in the plural. When we work, we do everything ourselves so that we have an understanding of you and your company.

How can we help?


"We've been working with B&B Marketing for a while now, and it's been outstanding from Day 1.
The way they collaborate and use their creative solutions to create a simpler and better everyday life, both for partners and clients, is unique."

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