We hope so! We are a feisty and young agency that has worked hard to create results for you from day one! Are we Norway's brightest advertising agency? Are we an agency that measures results based on a fantastic marketing strategy? We like to say YES – and let's prove it!

Are we your advertising agency? BBMarketing.no creates results
Advertising agency with a raw marketing strategy

It's fun with a marketing strategy that pays for itself

Of course it's fun when you see results come out. Here we are constantly working on the campaigns we run to really find out where, how and who they hit.

Where the part is equally witty. If it's local, you're going to reach Scandinavia, it's worldwide, all of which has a lot to do when you put forward the strategy and figure out where the money will be spent. We are an advertising agency that allows each customer to get enough value out of the amounts spent and that one does not walk out of a trade empty-handed.

How do you ask? We specialize in re-targeting and running multi-platform ads across all devices and forms and whatever it may be.

Who? Here comes the last bit that must be right into the campaign from the handbook. So when we re-targeting the way we do, we should be able to cover all channels so that your customers really know and feel that's the right choice they've made when they visit you. They've already thought about it, but a reminder is smart to get. In addition, we run our own strategies that are tailored to the audiences you choose for your company. Alternatively, as an advertising agency, we can assist in the process of choosing who you are targeting. It is important that our marketing strategy hits for us, you and your company.

An advertising agency that creates raw market strategy
Create results with us

Can an advertising agency be so different?

You'd hardly believe it, but you'd be there. There is a big difference, and perhaps most lying in the fact that we are not that big, but work big! Every connection in our network means an incredible amount to us. We do every misgiving we can do to make sure you and your company are happy along the way. Thus, we have also got good partners who fill in our loopholes, and we again do the same for them.

Our purpose is to be able to cover all your digital strategies, through animations, movies, images and whatever it takes to create the results you want.

Why should YOU choose US?

1. What do we always give as an advertising agency? Close and personalized service and follow-up + good references!

2. We document all the results well and are open-hearted and offer full transparent sharing of what is happening on and behind the scenes. No nonsense or unforeseen, no hidden costs.

3. As a small agency, we think more innovative and are faster out on new platforms, such as TikTok, LinkedIn, Snap and wherever you need and want to be!

Feel free to check out some of our references on the front page HERE.

If you want to get up on the pages at Google,let us help you with a good strategy and innovative idea! Contact us HERE.