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Make it easy! Need leads and sales through marketing? Use Google Ads (Google Adwords!) Read on to learn more, and we'll explain what PPC is.

As an agency, we often advise our clients to grow and achieve traffic through SEO, i.e. through technical content, link building and a whole lot of professional work. SEO is our go-to strategy, which we recommend in the vast majority of cases.

The exception is when you need results right now.

SEO and content are effective. In short: it is the most effective way to create growth on a website over a long period of time, but it takes time. SEO requires some patience. Google Adwords is the opposite. You can start getting results in less than a while. And, if you do it right, you can start getting new sales in a fairly short time.

Do you know what the best part is? It's results-based!

Google Adwords Marketing with PPC |
PPC Adwords | How does that work?

Google Ads and PPC

Google Ads Marketing is what's called CPC/PPC (pay-per-click). As you can read more about here. With PPC, you don't pay for how many people see your ad, but you pay for results. So, no results? No leads, clicks or sales? Then there will be no cost. It's that simple!

What is the benefit?

Yes, there are several benefits to Google Ads! Think about this. When you Google something, what do you usually do then? Yes, you're actively looking for something specific. I mean, you have a buying intention! This is the perfect moment for a business to meet you on the "half-way", catch your attention and secure your sales!

That's how Google Ads Marketing works, you're looking, you'll find faster, you buy faster. There you have the recipe that we all really know so well because we all do it. But this is also the big advantage for businesses that use Adwords and PPC methods in their marketing, because it works.

How can BBMarketing help within this area?

  1. We're putting fixed numbers forward. We are 100% ready in communication and decide a budget with you.
  2. Let's not complicate things too much. The Google Ads control panel is advanced and you can often "get lost". We take care of the analyses and you receive them, simply.
  3. Communication is the key to success. We maintain a good cooperation all the time to learn and understand each other and the company's goals

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